Who We Are.

SawaPay is the product of collaboration between a US FinTech, American Investors, African Diaspora and Africa based founders. We know you, because we are you, and we started SawaPay because we have a keen understanding of the problems and needs that African remittance receivers have. Our sole focus is on providing more cost effective and solutions oriented remittance from the US to Africa.

Too many remittance companies are not only charging too much, but provide a frustrating experience; with few payout options and wildly fluctuating fees and FX rates depending on how you send. Sawapay is committed total transparency and low fees. Remittance should be quick, easy, and clear. Unlike the other guys, with us you don’t click through all the options to find the lowest cost way of sending; just SawaPay it your way, and have the piece of mind knowing that, no matter the options or transaction size, you’re getting our best rate.

While we are launching with low cost remittance, in the future we will help our clients, and those that depend on them in Africa, do more with remittance; like start businesses, gain visibility into how remittance is used, and directly pay for key products and services. In the mean time, keep it quick and simple…

…and SawaPay it your way.