Important FAQ for customer service

1. Where is the SawaPay Mobile Application (for Android or iOS)?

The SawaPay mobile applications for Android and iOS will be available in December, 2020. Further updates about this will be communicated through our website.

2. Who is Pangea?

Pangea Money Transfer is the sole provider of money transmission services.

Pangea is an international money transfer service committed to faster, simple and secure transactions. SawaPay is partnering with Pangea to provide this service.

3. What should I do if I have a complaint about the SawaPay app or Pangea Money Transfer?

Pangea Money Transfer is responsible for processing all money transmissions sent on the SawaPay app. For complaints, please contact SawaPay’s Customer Service at or at 844-221-3817. If you still have an unresolved complaint regarding our money transmission activities, please click here to direct your complaint to the appropriate regulatory contact.

4.Why doesn’t SawaPay work in my state?

Currently, you can send money from:

If you are from a state not on this list, you can still contact us and we will let you know when we are available in your state

We are in the process of seeking approval with many other state regulators and expect to be updating this list frequently in the near future. You can find more information about our licensed states at the following link This link shows the states and respective agencies who provide the oversight to ensure that our services are compliant in the respective states.

5.Why do you charge a fee for your service?

We charge a minimal fee to cover operating costs to ensure fast and secure transactions.

6.How secure is your service?

Through our partnerships we employ the latest data security and fraud prevention controls to ensure that your transactions and our services are secure.

7.How long does a transfer take?

Mobile money transactions typically take minutes to complete while bank account transactions take 1 to 3 days depending on the bank and the country the money is being sent to.

8.Do I need to have an account to send money?

Yes. You will have to create a free and secure SawaPay account using your mobile phone number and password to send money.

9.How much money can I send?

Your transfer limits are listed in the SawaPay application under the account section. Currently you can send a minimum of $20.00 and a maximum of $999.00 per day. The monthly limit (rolling 30 days) is $2,000.00

10.Is there a monthly limit?

Yes. You can send up to $2,000.00 USD per month if you pay with a debit card or bank account. Note: The $2,000 limit is refreshed every 30 days.

11.Can I send money to or from a company?

No. Currently the SawaPay application will only allow transfers between individuals. Transfers cannot be sent to or from a business account. Any transfer attempted with a business account will be canceled.

12.Can I send money to someone that is under 18 years old?

No. Both the sender and the receiver must be 18 or older to complete a transfer.

13.What are my payment options?

You can fund your remittance transactions by Debit card or Bank Account.

14.How do I protect myself from Fraud?

Download and review the following tip sheet with guidance on how to protect yourself from Fraud. Victim_Assisted_Fraud.pdf

15.I am trying to send money but I got an error message.

First, make sure you have not exceeded your daily limit and that you and/or your receiver are not over the 30-day aggregate limit of $2,000. If you still think there is a problem, please contact us at or at 844-221-3817

16.How can I cancel a transfer?

To cancel a transfer:

1. Log into the SawaPay app and select ‘Transfers’ from the menu.

2. Select the transfer you would like to cancel

3. Select ‘Cancel Transfer’ in the bottom left and follow the prompts to confirm cancellation

17.If the receiver already has received the funds, can I still cancel the transfer?

No, you cannot cancel the transfer if the receiver already received the mobile money or bank deposit. If you think there was an error or you want to report a problem, please contact us at or at 844-221-3817

18.If I already canceled a transfer, how will I get the refund?

When you cancel a transfer a member of our team will review your request. If the cancellation is approved, we will notify you. Refunds for transfers will be credited back to the card used to fund the transfer.

If you experience any issues with your refund, please contact us at or at 844-221-3817

19.How long does it take to get the refund?

Refunds to debit cards may take up to 7 business days.

20.How can I know my transfer has been paid?

You can track the status of your transfers at any time! Just go to the ‘Transfers’ option in your side menu of the app and select the transfer you would like to view. We update transfer information in real-time, and will send you SMS and email notifications on your transfer updating you on it’s status.

21.What do I do if there’s been an error or problem with my transfer?

If you are having problems creating or completing a transfer, please contact us at or at 844-221-3817.

22.I’m worried because I lost my phone. What should I do now?

The SawaPay application will always prompt you to enter your mobile phone number and password to login and complete a transfer. However, if you think your information has been compromised or need to update your phone number, please contact us at or at 844-221-3817.